Windshield Protection Film

Our Windshield Protection Film Keep Your Windshield Clear

Tired of bugs and scratches blocking your view through your windshield? We provide you and your Clovis neighbors with professional windshield protection film installation services.

Premium Windshield Protection For Your Vehicle

Even the most careful drivers can’t keep away the random dings and chips from their windshield. Our windshield protection films, the DynoFlex by STEK Automotive, help you reduce the risk of windshield damage.

Window Tinting

Weatherproof Resistance

With superb windshield protection, you don’t have to worry about dings and scratches blocking your view of the road ahead.

Extreme Durability

From chips and dings, our windshield protection service keeps your visibility clear and your window clean while you drive through Clovis, CA.

Premium Clarity

When it’s time to drive, you need a clear view of the road. The windshield protection films DynoFlex by STEK Automotive decrease the chance of a costly windshield replacement.

Why Choose Clovis Window Tinting?

Local Shop

We’ve grown through authentic, word-of-mouth referrals from happy Clovis customers.

Focused Specialty

Tinting isn’t an “additional service” to us. It’s the whole focus of our tint shop here in Clovis, CA.

Work Warranty

In every job, our tint professionals do their best to ensure you’re 100% happy.

Protect Your View Of The Road Ahead!