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Keep Away The Sun’s Glare With Window Tinting

Are you worried about sunlight’s glare as you drive or keeping your car’s interior free from sun damage? Choose Clovis Window Tinting for professional tinting.

Throw Shade On Sunny Days With Window Tinting

As you drive in beautiful Clovis, the harsh glare of sunlight can blind you and cause an accident. Or, the interior of your vehicle can become cracked, faded, or otherwise damaged from long periods of exposure to direct sunlight. That’s where window tinting can help you! At Clovis Window Tinting, we offer prompt service and affordable prices in every tint job we do.

Window Tinting

House Window Tinting

Clovis homeowners interested in lowering their energy bills and improving the privacy protection of their home windows can get a professional tint.

Boat Window Tinting

Driving on the lake or going on fishing trips is quite enjoyable - until sunlight blinds you and makes it hard to see. Our boat window tinting fixes this problem for you!

Why Choose Clovis Window Tinting?

Local Shop

We’ve grown through authentic, word-of-mouth referrals from happy Clovis customers.

Focused Specialty

Tinting isn’t an “additional service” to us. It’s the whole focus of our tint shop here in Clovis, CA.

Work Warranty

In every job, our tint professionals do their best to ensure you’re 100% happy.

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