Car Window Tinting Clovis

Beat The Heat & Glare With Car Window Tinting

Driving through sunny Clovis, CA means lots of chances for facing the sun’s blinding rays. But, with our premium car window tinting services, you’ll be prepared to drive glare-free and keep the inside of your car safe from the sun’s heat.

Window Tinting Done By Expert Tint Pros

Are you looking for the right tint shop to handle your tinting needs? Choose Clovis Window Tinting and get the help of our experienced tinting professionals. We’ve helped hundreds in Clovis get the tint they want at an affordable price.

More Privacy

With a dark tint on your car windows, you’ll reduce the chances that a snoop or thief will be tempted to break into your vehicle and grab your valuables.

Less Glare

You’ve probably heard the old excuse,“The sun was in my eyes!” and it’s used for a reason! But our car window tinting keeps your eyes open and on the road.

Less Sun Damage

As much as we love the sun here in Clovis, CA, it can do horrible damage to the interior surfaces of vehicles, from faded dashboards to cracked upholstery.

Why Choose Clovis Window Tinting?

Local Shop

We’ve grown through authentic, word-of-mouth referrals from happy Clovis customers.

Focused Specialty

Tinting isn’t an “additional service” to us. It’s the whole focus of our tint shop here in Clovis, CA.

Work Warranty

In every job, our tint professionals do their best to ensure you’re 100% happy.

Beat the Heat In Clovis!