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When you want the best window tinting in Clovis, CA give us a call! At Clovis Window Tinting, we’re committed to giving our best in every window tint job.

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To us, it’s about more than just getting the job done. We also want to exceed your expectations so there’s no bubbling or scratches to deal with after you get your windows tinted with us. With years of window tinting experience, our team of professionals is ready to give you the best window tint in Clovis, CA! Pick up the phone and call us today!

Years Of Experience

We're a premier window tinting company serving cities in California's Central Valley like Fresno, Clovis, CA, and those nearby. We all know that quality makes a difference and we aim to be the window tinting company of choice for home and car owners throughout Clovis and Fresno.

A Job Well Done

Many auto shops and window tint companies will claim to offer premium tints and paint protection film for your car but use cheap materials and window films in their services and tints. Just like not all cars are the same, so it is that not all car products are the same. Choose the best, choose us!

A Local Focus

Our growing tint shop is supported by our friends and neighbors in Clovis, CA who understand the value of supporting small, local businesses. As you drive through Fresno on N. Blackstone Ave. or through Clovis neighborhoods, we help you make your car look classy and free from harmful UV rays.

Our Services

Window Tinting

Window Tinting Clovis

Our window tint professionals apply premium window films to your windows with no scratches or bubbles. Stay cool, look cooler.

Paint Protection Film Clovis

Our paint protection film service will keep your car’s exterior safe from pebbles as you’re driving through Fresno, CA, or Clovis, CA.

Ceramic Coating Clovis

With our ceramic coating, protect your car from harmful UV rays, chemical stains, of the polymer wearing off. Keep that candy gloss!



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We offer lifetime warranties on all of our team's work.

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We proudly serve Fresno, Clovis, CA, and surrounding cities.

Common Questions About Our Window Tint Services

The most frequently asked questions about our window tinting in Clovis, CA.

Often, many of our customers in cities we serve like Fresno and Clovis, CA will ask about window tinting percentages.

Here’s a quick list of common tint percentages and a definition of what it’d look like on your car:

  • 0% tint:  Tinted at this level, your window has no tint and appears as installed at the factory.
  • 50% tint: Tinted at this level, your window will block 50% of outside light.
  • 35% percent: This is a darker tint that auto owners choose and is the darkest allowed in states like Michigan and Indiana.
  • 20% percent: Only 15%-20% of the visible light will go through the glass.
  • 5% percent: Only allowing 5% of available light through the glass. This tint is often found on limousine windows.

Auto owners get their car tinted to prevent UV rays from hitting the interior of their car and causing their seats to fade or become damaged by the sun. Properly tinted windows can also reduce the glare of headlights from other vehicles. With a proper tint installation, our customers keep the glare of sunlight off of them as they go throughout Fresno, Clovis, CA, and nearby cities.

For your windshield, you can only use a non-reflective tint on the top 4 inches of your windshield. For your front side windows, any aftermarket tint films must allow a minimum of 70% VLT. For your back windows, you can use tint films of any tint percentage.

Many vehicle manufacturers install a factory tint but it’s generally only done on the rear windows of your vehicle. Factory tinting is done by dying the glass, but aftermarket tinting is done by applying a tint film to the interior of your vehicle’s windows.

Depending on the amount of visible light transmission (VLT), you may also wish to invest in car window tinting to increase your protection against UV rays and improve your level of privacy against snoopers.

Tinting your windows may seem easy. But, what many DIY tint kits don’t tell you is that the results of a bad window tint job are messy, leaving your car windows with bubbles, scratches, or crooked tint placement.

That’s why most car owners choose to visit a professional window tinting company like Clovis Window Tinting for their car window tinting needs. As with anything, tinting your windows the right way requires practice and you may not have the time or money to clean up any DIY tint mistakes. But, don’t worry, we can tint your car windows so you look great and stay cool as you drive down N. Blackstone Ave. in Fresno or through the streets of Clovis.

This is a different question from window tinting percentages. In this case, there are three main types of car window tinting that can be done to your vehicle:

  • Factory Tint: In this type of car window tint, the VLT is between 74% and 85% depending on where it’s done. This tint is applied to the glass of a car’s windows before it’s sold.
  • OEM Tint: Car owners interested in this type of tint will need to make sure that they buy a window tint percentage that is legally allowed in their state. Similar to a factory tint, this is applied directly to the glass of car windows during the manufacturing process.
  • Film Tint: This is by far the easiest and most customizable option for many car owners since it allows for as high as 90% or as low as 2.5%. This kind of car window tinting is done by a licensed window tinting company like our team.

There’s a really simple distinction that you can make between a factory tint for car windows and an aftermarket one.

A factory tint consists of a pigment that is applied inside the glass of car windows and cannot be removed. An aftermarket tint film is done by a tinting shop like ours and is a film that is applied to the inside of the window.

Yes, we offer paint protection film. You can learn more here [link].

Commercial window tinting is becoming popular among business owners who want to reduce energy costs and keep every customer and employee out of heat pockets throughout the building. If you’d like to learn more about our commercial window tinting services, pick up the phone and give us a call or use our website contact form to request a free window tinting quote from our local window tint shop.

Many business owners choose commercial window tinting as a way to keep heat pockets out of their building and keep each customer comfortable while they’re inside during the hottest hours of the day. That’s especially needful here in the Central Valley, where a customer will leave bad reviews if a business isn’t keeping them comfortable while providing their service.

If you want to keep every customer inside your shop or business safe from the hot rays of the sun, call our window tint shop here in Clovis, CA. A window tint expert will provide a free window tint quote and amazing service!

There are three kinds of films you can choose for your business:

  • Solar Window Tints: This type is designed to shade your customer from the heat that can sometimes be unbearable here in the Central Valley.
  • Decorative Window Tints: These window tints are designed to add style and heat protection to your building, keep every customer comfortable while they browse your menu, or get great service from you.
  • Security Tint: Most business owners opt for the installation of security tints when they’re concerned about the privacy of valuables inside their facility. It blocks any nosy passersby from scoping out your valuable assets after business hours.

When you think of tinting, you likely think of a high-performance sports car that wants to get the best style for their new vehicle. But, there are many family homes that choose to get window films. When you think about the benefits of a quality film, it’s clear why it’s the obvious choice for residential homes – not just cars:

  • Stay Cooler: Many times, a family home in Fresno CA or Clovis CA will have at least one area or side of the house that catches more rays from the sun than other parts.
  • More Privacy: Home is where the heart is – and that goes for your valuables too. Our residential tinting services provide your home with shade and a film that not only reduces heat on the interior but also blocks the prying eyes of nosy neighbors.

Yes, we do offer a warranty! In fact, we offer lifetime warranties on all of our work. When a tint installer visits you, we want you to love the result of our services so much that you refer others to us. Call us today to learn more or get a free quote!



While we’re committed to serving residents of Clovis, CA, we also have many customers in Fresno, CA. If you’d like to get an estimate of the price for your home today, give us a call! We’d love to offer you the best service at a great price!



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Thank you so much to the team at Window Tinting Clovis for tinting my vehicle! It definitely made a huge difference with cooling down my vehicle in this valley heat. I would highly recommend going with their ceramic film. Thanks again and I’ll be sure to recommend all of our family and friends!
Isabel B.
Clovis, CA

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