Commercial Window Tinting Clovis

Keep Your Business Office Cool With Commercial Window Tinting!

Giving your best at work in Clovis every day shouldn’t include bearing the sun’s heat. Our commercial window tint service keeps you cool while you work.

Stay Cool While Working With Commercial Window Tint

Often, it’s the little things at work that make the difference in your workday, like that extra cup of coffee or having a place that’s out of the sun. Luckily, with our commercial window tinting services, every window can get shady and pass less heat through to you.

Top-Rated Window Tint Films

Our window tint films are of premium quality, giving you maximum UV ray protection at an affordable price.

Keep Customers Comfortable

When it comes to customer satisfaction, every business wants to hit the mark. That’s why many companies choose commercial window tinting.

Top Tint Quality - Guaranteed!

We are so confident in our commercial tinting services that we offer a lifetime warranty on every single tint job that we do for our customers in Clovis, CA.

Why Choose Clovis Window Tinting?

Local Shop

We’ve grown through authentic, word-of-mouth referrals from happy Clovis customers.

Focused Specialty

Tinting isn’t an “additional service” to us. It’s the whole focus of our tint shop here in Clovis, CA.

Work Warranty

In every job, our tint professionals do their best to ensure you’re 100% happy.

Keep Your Customers & Employees Comfortable!